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Episode 3 - Productivity techniques for a healthy life in Academia. Meet Dr. Åsa Burman.

In this episode, we will talk to Dr. Åsa Burman, who is a Director of Studies at the Department of Philosophy of Stockholm University, and the founder of 'Finish on time', which offers courses of academic productivity and stress management to academics, mostly graduate students and postdocs. Since 2010, Åsa and her Finish on Time colleagues have supported scholars across a wide variety of academic disciplines.

During this episode, she presents several productivity techniques, and among them, the 80/20 principle. Moreover, she illustrates an application of this technique via the example of how to use your best hours for cognitively demanding tasks.

What time on the day is my best hours for working on intellectual things? I know for instance that I am much of a morning person, so I tried not to book meetings in the morning but really keep this 2 hours between 8 and 10 for writing and reading research. Because I know that between 8 and 10 in the morning that is my 20% when it comes to time so those two hours are just so much more important than others.

Åsa also explains what she has learned from her working experience outside Academia. For instance, she talks about the importance of giving and receiving feedback in other working environments. How can you further improve the best qualities of your written work instead of focusing on only the weaknesses?


If you want to learn more about Dr. Åsa Burman, feel free to visit her personal webpage:åra-forskare/anställda-lärare-forskare/åsa-burman-1.237738

If you are curious about 'Finish on Time', you can learn more about the techniques and buy the book 'Finish on Time, the doctoral student handbook' on the official webpage:


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Episode 3 - Productivity techniques for a healthy life in Academia. Meet Dr. Åsa Burman.

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